Antibody Drug for Cancer Treatment GlycoBind 抗体试薬

New Antibody Drug for Cancer Treatment

In recent years the specificity and safety requirement on disease treatment has been elevating. Inspiring advancements have been made on molecular biology, genetics and immunology. These two developments have contributed to the importance of biomedicine research such as antibody and vaccine.

Early monoclonal antibody was mainly murine antibody. This type of antibody is prone to causing the rejection reaction of HAMA in human body. Consequently it is hard to maintain sufficient time for antibody to function on tumor tissue. Since the chimeric antibody technique was established in 1984, on-going improvements on reconstructive antibody have been made in the territory. From CDR grafting antibody, humanized antibody to human antibody, the immune response has tremendously diminished.

                                                                 Antibody Production Technique

Type Murine antibody Chimeric antibody Reconstructive antibody Human antibody
Mouse Sequence %
Year 1975 1983 1988 1985 1990


In post-genome era, glycosphingolipid has been identified as a pivotal element in physiological functions. However, due to the complexity/polymorphism of the structure and the limitations on research tech/equipment, the progress on glycosphingolipid research has been sluggish. After recent improvements on glycosphingolipid analysis equipment, many countries have pouring resources on this category. This includes Japan, US, Canada and Europe countries.


According to clinical data, the main cause of death for cancer patients is the cancer metastasis. Through glycosphingolipid research, it has been proved that the identification of glycosphingolipid antigen on cancer cells can significantly decrease the probability of cancer metastasis. A series of immune reactions will be intrigued after the immune system identifies the glycosphingolipid antigen. In turn the antigen will be cleaned and the chances of cancer metastasis will reduce. This innovative treatment is able to boost the survival rate of cancer patients.

By combining monoclonal antibody and glycosphingolipid antigen technologies, GlycoNex Inc. has successfully developed antibody drugs for cancer treatment that identify glycosphingolipids antigens. Not only is the rejection reaction minimized, but the specificity of the drugs is significantly elevated. The potential of efficient cancer treatment and market launch is promising.


GlycoNex Antibody Bank

We have established technology platforms including Carbohydrate Antigen Analysis, Antibody Multiple Chromatography and High-Efficiency Stable Cell Line Screening. By utilizing the advanced tech platforms, exclusive license from TBI and transgenic mice, we have successfully built up the distinctive antibody bank. This complete and abundant antibody bank will become our valuable resource for future antibody drug development.

New Drug Development

In addition to the antibody candidate that had been licensed out, we continue with our ongoing development of new antibody drug and international license.